Hilary Jennings

Guest Editor

I am a projector director and freelancer in the arts and cultural sectors., currently working with The Happy Museum. In a varied career I’ve worked with greengrocers, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers, engineers, artists, writers, and (quite literally) butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. For several years I’ve been an Associate of the Cultural Leadership Programme and have worked extensively in the craft sector including managing the inaugural Craft Skills Award and serving as Interim Chair of the Craft Industry Board. I co-authored MMM’s Sustainable Ability which mapped approaches to climate change across the cultural sector and also co-founded the Case For Optimism, a network which creates space for practitioners in the arts and cultural community to maximise their creative response to global challenges. I was founder co-chair of Transition Town Tooting and am a Trustee of both the Transition Network and Bioregional, founders of One Planet Living.  When I’m not working I’m involved in local drama initiatives and go outdoor swimming. More details about my work can be found on my Linkedin profile.