Dawn: A poetic, utopian vision for ‘my children’s children’

Dawn: A poetic, utopian vision for ‘my children’s children’

Draydreams & nightmares, formed ‘In the cracks between dawn and awake’, these poems hit the perfect note in a time of political & social uncertainty.

7 June 2017  // 

New poetry from our poet-in-res, Remi Graves. 



In the cracks between dawn and awake

I dreamagine the kind of school

my children’s children might frequent


moss covered buildings with solar

panel roofs, housing teachers unburdened

by the urge to expel Kojo but chastise Dave.


The corridors are safehaven runways

for the kids who want to vogue,

shimmy or slouch their way to lunch


at breaktime teenagers compete

for the title of consent queen/king/person

trading facts about freedom and respect


how bodies can only ever be owned

by the souls renting space inside them

and that shame is a lost language


spoken by the ones who came before.

In history class Mx Williams

paints a real portrait of Britain’s past


blood red and unrepentant.

Opens windows onto lessons

that will stand the future in good stead.


The child walks home and kisses the trees

in thanks of their silent work,

sings songs to Mother Earth,


dances in reverence of the rain

or cries full of feeling at moonrise and sunsets

asks me time and again to tell


stories of the lost era

with its plague of red ants

strewn across the minds of the many,


sick with believing

that their worth and wealth

were blood relatives.


I open my eyes

to find my hands clasped in prayer,

in the cracks between dawn and awake.





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