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Editorial Panel 

  • Justina Lobley
    Hi, my name is Justina and I'm an artist with a Fine Art Baccalaureate from the University of Lincoln. My practice blurs the boundaries between sculpture, installation and performance. I aim to explore the crossover between changing reality and escaping it.
  • Lisa-Maria Schwarzenauer
    I’ve always been drawn to the arts and to writing, so I somehow found my way from a not particularly noteworthy village in the Austrian mountains to the incredibly pretty city of Lincoln, where I am currently doing my MA in Arts Journalism. Before that, I did English and American Studies at the University of Innsbruck. I recently joined the team as a creative editor. It’s an amazing project and I am proud to be part of it. I believe that there is no art isolated from what is going on around and within us—art in all its forms is always in some way a reaction to someone or something—so I am very excited to have the chance to explore topics such as democracy, justice and conflict through the arts over the next few months.
  • Matt Melvin
    As a postgraduate student of 21st Century Literature, assessing the applicability of old themes and theories in contemporary literary analysis is hugely important. Equally important, however, is the testing of new theories and discovering new themes. So for me, with a project that celebrates the Magna Carta, assessing the value of rights and freedom in a world with deepening cultural, technological, and political divisions is all the more important—and all the more exciting.
  • Rob Sprankle
    I'm an American history student that found out about almost by happenstance from my time at the University of Lincoln. My interest in the program lies in a puzzle that I’ve spent much of my life trying to piece together: the question of identity, individual and collective. In other words, what is it that makes us “us”? I wanted to immerse myself into this program so that I can see the rapidly-changing world through the lens of a culture I’m unfamiliar with, and perhaps use that additional perspective to come closer to answering my question. I’m particularly interested in the study of activist groups who derive a sense of identity from their shared beliefs, and I believe that in this age of social media, power lies in with rhetoric, and these groups suddenly find themselves able to create massive change with the right mix of rhetoric and timing. My own chosen major—history—is the study of change, but I think the past and the present need not be segregated so rigidly. Team / Contributors

  • Ben Atkinson
    I'm a web and graphic designer, currently running my own business, Tall Lime, and studying for my MA in Digital Media at the University of Lincoln. I am mainly interested in history and American studies, and my MA dissertation will focus on the journey taken by King John and the Barons both before and after the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215. The result will be an interactive digital game available online. I'm also a radio presenter and have produced and presented my own country music radio show for six years. In summer 2015 I am co-presenting a new documentary series for radio titled Royal Progress, which re-traces a prominent royal journey from across history every week. The pilot will focus on the journey to Magna Carta. Twitter: @BenRAtkinson
  • Conrad Bodman
    Curatorial Panel
    I have been a curator for most of my career, at the National Portrait Gallery, Barbican Centre and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), organising exhibitions about film, television and digital culture. I have had a lifelong interest in video games and most recently curated Game Masters at ACMI in Melbourne, which toured to Edinburgh. In 2014 I developed Digital Revolution at the Barbican Centre, London, the first exhibition to highlight the growth of digital arts practice since the 1950s. It featured large-scale digital installations such as Chris Milk’s iconic Treachery of Sanctuary and new digital works by Matt Pyke and I am now working at the British Film Institute and have developed BFI Digital Futures, live events exploring creative technologies in film, video games, visual effects and digital animation. We’ve recently explored virtual reality and performance capture. The values enshrined in Magna Carta are as relevant today as they were 800 years ago, and it is important for us to mark the anniversary with a series of powerful artworks which communicate our strong belief in human rights. Twitter: @conradbodman
  • Ann Jones
    Project Director
    I’ve been working in the arts for rather a long time… and I still love it! I run my own company, ArtProjects and Solutions, and I develop and run projects for organisations. I also coach and mentor people who work in the arts. In 2014 I started working on as one of a number of projects for the city of Lincoln to commemorate 800 years since King John sealed Magna Carta. I believe this is a great project: it’s about issues that really matter, explored through what I think is the best mode of communication – art. I’m particularly happy to be involved in the project since it will give me the chance to hear what matters to young people and what they want for their world.
  • Tim Kindberg
    Commissioned Artist
    I'm based at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol and work at the intersection of art and digital technology. In my spare time I also write fiction. I used to work as a computer scientist. I've been developing a social video platform called Nth Screen, which allows groups of people to record synchronised videos on camera phones and to mosaic the results together, either in a single web page or video to juxtapose many viewpoints on a single event, or on a collection of mobile phones for an impromptu multiscreen performance. For Time for Rights, my commission launched in August 2015, I've engaged young people around the world about human rights through synchronisation and collective action. I've gathered views about the state of human rights through a global video event to explore what it means to be online at the same time – to film and know that others are filming with you. Twitter: @timeforrights, @timkindberg Instagram: @timeforrights
  • Sarah Gillett
    Digital Director
    The world we live in is complicated, troubled, beautiful and fragile. I feel very lucky to be living at a time when I have access to healthcare, education and culture. If I had lived 800 years ago I probably wouldn't have been able to pursue a career as an independent woman, or speak and be heard about what's important to me. Working in the Arts underpins many of my values and for 18 years I've worked with brave, passionate individuals and organisations to develop visual arts, film, theatre, music, design and literature projects that inspire and motivate audiences across the world. I believe that artists challenge, provoke and reveal the stuff of life and that the digital space gives all of us a chance to learn about other cultures, add our own unique experience and agitate what's gone before. I'm the Director of Digital at Cultureshock Media so my role for is to work with the Project Directors, partners, curatorial boards and artists to plan and deliver high quality arts content for the site, social media channels and live events. I'm supported by a fabulous design and editorial team including Alfonso Iacurci, Hannah Dossary, Rachel Potts and Enrico Tassi. gives us an opportunity to bring the physical and digital spaces closer together through creating new artworks, voicing our opinions, building new friendships and shared moments that last beyond the timescale of the project. Twitter: @inkystudio Instagram: @inkystudio
  • Enrico Tassi
    Editorial Assistant
    As a member of the Cultureshock Media team, I'm responsible for looking after several aspects of the platform, including our Twitter feed and web pages. Sarah Gillett is my boss, and she is lovely. I've been working on since its launch back in June 2015 and am very excited about seeing the project grow even further over the next couple of years. If you have any questions about the site, or any of our content, please feel free to email me at For the past couple of years, I have also worked for Tate in various capacities, both in St Ives and in London, and am currently editorial assistant at Tate Etc. magazine. I am interested in language and things, and how artists engage with materials, texts and gestures to reflect on society today. Twitter: @enricocococo (but I'm hardly ever on there)
  • Daisy Watt
    Editorial Assistant
    I’m a recent modern languages graduate and editorial assistant at Cultureshock Media and My job is to assist other members of our fantastic team including Sarah Gillett, Rachel Potts, Enrico Tassi and Joe Townend, gather project research, connect with contributing Arts professionals via interview and produce content for features. is an exciting, interactive discovery centre for anyone interested in Arts and rights past, present and future – I’m very happy to be involved in the project. Twitter @DaisyAWatt
  • Jamie Shovlin
    Jamie Shovlin
    Commissioned artist
    I tend to work on things over long periods of time and projects tend to have their own identity, language and properties, some of which are shared with other projects and some not. I guess the unifying theme could be described as an interrogation of how information is substantiated — how it passes from one thing or one person to another and the processes involved in that exchange. I’m interested in how that process is and can be manipulated and ways in which making work might propose alternative ways of telling stories and exchanging information. I made the first set of chapters in a long term project called Widows and Orphans during a Lincoln Voices residency at the University of Lincoln. We filmed the entirety of the reading sequences at the university with the support of the School of Film and Media and the Photography departments. The photography department provided a studio and equipment and two amazing photography students, Kieran Hill and Bradley Nicholls, filmed the whole process. I also worked with the School of Social & Political Sciences to get a wider sense of the issues embedded in the type of information included in this type of book. The speakers in the films are a group of young people with relationships to Lincoln — they’re either from Lincolnshire or are studying at the university. They are a wide range of ages: Eve is our youngest speaker at seven and Anna is one of our eldest at 24 years-old. Each is reading a book that corresponds with their age, so Eve is reading the most recent text and Anna the oldest.
  • Jordan Baseman
    Curatorial Panel
    I'm a visual artist and filmmaker, currently Head of the Sculpture programme and Reader in Time-based Media at the Royal College of Art in London, UK. My own research orbits around the generation of recorded interviews, combined with recorded observation processes and the use of archival sources as raw materials. The editing, re-interpretation and re-positioning of speculative ideas, opinions, beliefs and anecdotes towards the production of new narratives is central to my studies. The resulting artworks address questions about the relationship between moving-images and the manufacture of portraiture, fact and fiction and the role and function of both linear and non-linear narrative structures within contemporary art practices. I'm on the curatorial board for
  • Deborah Dignam
    Curatorial Panel
    Life can be chaotic, busy and stressful with so many of us trying to be heard and understood. We can lose sense of the bigger picture and get caught up in our daily strife.  Art and artists give us an opportunity to step back and look at the world from a different perspective, through their lens. Lifting our heads up and seeing something else can reveal how each of us think or act differently: it can show us what makes us remarkable and uniquely human. Today more than ever in our screen-based society, we need to look up and be aware of each other. From individuals to governments, we each need to be responsible for our own actions and to take responsibility for the actions of others. We need to question ourselves and those around us. In 1215, the Magna Carta was drawn up to question those in authority and to ensure personal freedom., 800 years on, asks similar questions about freedom and power, working with artists, creative technologists and the citizens of the future to do so. * I’m delighted to be a Curatorial Adviser on this project and to be part of an exciting process that questions the world and the people who live in it through art and technology. I work as an independent creative producer, curator and communications specialist. I am passionate about digital media and communication and how technology affects both our day-to-day lives and our future wellbeing. I care about the creation and dissemination of the work and believe that everyone has the right to meaningfully engage with art online and offline. Previously, I was Digital Adviser (Arts) at the British Council, where I worked with some of the UK’s leading theatre makers and interactive artists. I championed a new digital way of working for the British Council, leading to pioneering projects across the globe, including: Connected, Gulf Stage and Edinburgh Showcase 2011. Twitter: @dignamd
  • Swithin Fry
    I am the writer and performer of the one-man show Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row. The play spreads awareness about Tim Coleman, who was sentenced to death for murder in Ohio, 1997. His trial was then ruled unfair, and another man confessed to the crime. Despite this, the case has not been reopened and Tim is now approaching his last appeal. I started penpaling with Tim in 2011 through the charity Human Writes, and believe that he is innocent. Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row is part of my campaign to help secure him a fair retrial. The show has toured in various UK locations, including London and The Brighton Fringe. Since my retirement as a college teacher in 2011 I have written plays on a variety of topics, and worked with organisations such as Croydon Youth Theatre and the special needs Further Ed National Star College. I am passionate about justice and education for all people. Website: Twitter: @SwithinFry
  • Kathrin Böhm
    Commissioned Artist
    I believe that art has a pro-active role in society. My work over the last 20 years has continuously explored a critical engagement with issues that affect us all, while practicing innovative collaborative forms of acting and responding through art.  My projects and research cross over into architecture and economy and challenge polarized relationships between producers and users, between makers and consumers, between art and the everyday. The main subject in my work is the making and shaping of public space through everyday life practices. The state of our public spaces directly reflects the state of our democracy and a heterogenous public space culture has been in decline for a good two decades, due to general trends of individualization, the dominance of consumerist culture and a retreat into social media and private spheres. The Magna Carta is intrinsically linked to the politics of territory and access and use of space. Space and territory – whether physical or digital one – is again at the forefront of global and local politics where the individual and personal becomes more and more interwoven with larger systems of making and controlling private and public space. In this context, the Innovation Lab provocation ‘How much space do you need for your future?’ questions the realities of the spaces we occupy in the here and now, be it a flat, bedroom, place at college, social network and therefore in relation to real estate, the internet and governed or self-managed spaces. Websites:
  • WetGenes
    Creative Technologists
    We are Kriss and Shi Blank and we founded WetGenes in 2003. Kriss is a games industry veteran who has been employed both as a programmer and as an artist. His earliest work was for Amiga’s Photogenics art package that replaced Deluxe Paint in the later Amiga bundles and since then he has built up a portfolio of work that includes pixel art, 3D models and animation. Shi comes from a traditional print-based publishing industry but loves new technology. Shi is also a classically trained musician who as a teenager played the bass in a popular all girl punk band and is now learning the cello. In her spare time, she collaborates with others on comic projects and desk drives a local community radio show. Website:
  • Thomas Forth
    Creative Technologist
    I founded imactivate in 2013 to make real objects digitally active. My first product augments physical books for children with real-time translations and human voices so that parents can read to their children in languages they don't know. I am also creating prototypes to provide multi-lingual interactive audio guides for museums based on exhibit recognition. Prior to founding imactivate I completed my a PhD in the Systems Biology of Malaria at the University of Leeds. My popular tool for manually building small metabolic networks (<500 reactions) is now available on my website. My interests are varied so I've worked on lots of different projects. The best-known of them is the Guardian Comment Generator which has had over 200,000 unique hits to date. Website: Twitter: @thomasforth
  • Abhay Adhikari
    Innovation Lab Facilitator
    I'm interested in the context and values that define our digital identities. I work globally with organisations and brands to help them develop their online voices and communities. I am very pleased to facilitate the Innovation Lab as I believe that social and digital media can create new opportunities for participation. Taking the artist's provocation 'How much space do you need for your future?' resonates across my other work, including projects I'm managing around the subject of Smart Cities. How can individuals, communities and neighbourhoods use digital to make their physical spaces and interactions better? This is a real question that many technologists and urban planners are grappling with in different countries around the world right now. Twitter: @gopaldass
  • Radek Rudnicki
    Creative Technologist
    I'm a composer, sound artist and performer. I often collaborate with other artists, dance choreographers and film/theatre practitioners alongside writing and performing my own work. I also give seminars and Music Technology workshops for universities, schools and youth groups across a varied range of digital music, including contemporary composition and free improvisation. For, I'm one of the creative technologists involved in the Leeds-based Innovation Lab, led by Kathrin Böhm. I'm interested in interactive multimedia, visual arts and multidisciplinary projects combining art and science. I've worked with NASA’s GISS on sonification projects, which toured USA and UK. I'm a member of Tokyo Doorbells, the founder of Space F!ght and the co-founder of RPE Duo, Kirki Project and UUCMS. I have a PhD in Digital Composition from the University of York. Website: Twitter: @Radek_Rudnicki
  • Ben Eaton
    Creative Technologist
    I am a digital artist and a self taught coder. I'm interested in games, systems and emergence, particularly in designing with new technology to create experiences that empower or are just a lot of fun. I am one third of the interactive arts organisation Invisible Flock - we're renowned for creating ground breaking hybrid work across forms. We create artworks that invite people to re- imagine the world we live in and how we participate in it, using technology to incite meaningful encounters. I'm a creative technologist for the Leeds-based Innovation Lab with artist Kathrin Böhm, looking at how we map our journey through different digital spaces, and the politics of these spaces - who owns them and what traces do we leave behind of ourselves? Website: Twitter: @invisibleflock
  • Shey Hargreaves
    I am a poet, storyteller and scriptwriter for stage, screen and radio. I also deliver creative writing workshops in schools, and frequently work with healthcare professionals on training and research projects. I am co-creator of the storytelling podcast Tales from the Pigshed with fellow writer Timothy Lawrence. My current projects include a performance poetry show about working in frontline services in the NHS and a graphic novel about nanoparticles.   Twitter: @sheyhargreaves
  • Sophia Kyprianou
    Youth Engagement
    For many years the combination of art, education and the impact it can have upon audiences has held my interest. For me art is an open book of possibilities that can support, further and additionally can have the potential to break down barriers and provide unique experiences for individuals. I have a profound interest in educational and curatorial practice and above all I advocate the integration of education within curatorial and arts based practice in order to maximise audience engagement. An ethos which underpinned my recent MA studies in Contemporary Curatorial practice as well as within my current work as a freelance Curator-Educator. I am very pleased to be a part of and support the project in variety of ways including developing social media content, youth engagement and forming connections across the arts in Lincoln. offers great possibilities to celebrate an array of artistic voices and artworks relating to Magna Carta and provides amazing opportunities to engage young people in sharing their opinions and creativity and I look forward to being part of all of it! Twitter: @skyprianou26  
  • (in)Visible Partners
    Commissioned Artists
    Ben Peppiatt & Stephanie Bickford-Smith For three years we have worked as each other’s invisible partners, from concept development to creative production. We are both concerned with building a more creative, liberal and ethical future with aims to question and challenge preconceptions of how society functions. Ben is a freelance filmmaker and visual communication lecturer at Kingston University. He works with a range of technology start-ups that are aiming to challenge the way we interact with the objects and technology we use everyday, whilst educating people to be more self-reliant. Stephanie is a contemporary artist and designer interested in developing immersive research techniques combined with speculative thinking. Her solo work has been exhibited in London and Japan, and she has worked on exhibitions in national museums. We have chosen to work side by side for this project as an opportunity to pull together our strengths to tackle an issue that is close to our hearts – the freedom of individual thought.
  • Jacqui Briggs
    I'm the Head of the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Lincoln. I was Vice Chair of the Political Studies Association UK from 2011–14, with special responsibility for Education and Skills, and served on the learned society’s executive committee for more than a decade. In 2012, I became an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. I'm a member of the board of the Campaign for Social Sciences, and a Fellow of the RSA. The Quality Assurance Agency recently asked me to chair, for a second time, the review panel examining the subject benchmarking statements for Politics and International Relations. I am passionate about the teaching and learning of politics, and about political participation. I am intrigued by the question of why some people are fascinated by politics but others, possibly the majority, are less than enamoured. The themes of the Magna Carta and, in particular, the 2017 Charter of the Forest, resonate with me as I wrestle with questions of democracy and giving voice to disenfranchised groups. To this end, I am a firm believer in the lowering of the voting age to 16 and 17 year olds, and was disappointed that they were not given the vote in the 2016 referendum on continued membership of the European Union. As part of the project, I have been involved with getting young people to air their views on a whole range of topics concerning democracy and political participation.
  • Jon Holmes
    Creative Technologist
    I’m a digital artist and educator for film, games and VFX production. I am keen to collaborate with other filmmakers, designers and technicians in the above fields whilst developing my own portfolio. Alongside my work at the University of Lincoln and in the freelance digital media sector, I am a keen blogger and vlogger via my pseudonym The Curious Engine. I often post updates of projects and regularly share the skills, knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the last 15–20 years via audio/visual guides and discussions. My hope is to educate as well as inform by sharing practice and skills that are often hard to access outside of the industrial bubble. For, I’m one of the creative technologists involved in the Lincoln­-based Innovation Lab. I’m interested in VFX, cinematography and post-production editing and colour. My current passion is for 3D modelling and texture painting for both VFX and games production. I am a proud member of the co_Lab research group and have a keen interest in collaboration between students, staff and practitioners – right across Europe – and believe that the dissemination of practice based knowledge and information is vital to help young people exploit the exciting new opportunities emerging digital technologies afford them today. Website:​
  • Stephen Fisher
    Creative Technologist
    I’m a creative technologist with a focus on user engagement and interaction; utilising new and emerging technologies to create experiences with a social, moral and visually impacting ethos. Graduating with a MComp in Computer Games production and with a history of digital experimentation, I'm always keen to collaborate and join forces with those who are passionate and creative, regardless of medium. When I'm not working at the University of Lincoln, I keep busy with freelance work and creative experiments, often involving game and transmedia principles. I'm always keen to learn new skills and teach others where possible. I often tweet and attend various networking events across the county, providing workshops and challenging concepts and ideas where suitable to create immersive pieces. I always aim to go that extra mile and enthuse others with the thrill of creation, regardless of technical skill levels. Although my background is in Games production and development I've tried my hands at multiple disciplines and have a keen interest in user collaborative creation and transmedia storytelling. My skill set revolves typically around emerging new technologies such as Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Gamification and 3D storytelling with some of my pieces being featured on national radio. Recently I have taken part in the co_Lab research group crossing skills and peer learning to create materials that tackle real world issues using media solutions. Working closely with a varying team of extremely talented media practitioners and educators my aims for my involvement with the project are simple: collaborate, create, share and inspire. Website: ​​ Twitter: @IntARMedia
  • Mark Lochrie
    Creative Technologist
    Coming from a computing background, I have demonstrated how technology can be used to encourage participation in communities. Through the use of mobile and web technologies I've designed and developed a range of applications to evaluate the impact citizens have whilst occupying spaces from location based games to physical check-in mechanisms. More recently, I have sought to explore local economic activity through BARTER; a bespoke platform to encourage local spending through the use of web, mobile and NFC technologies. Furthermore, I've continued my work with communities through data-related projects, ranging from the Sir Ranulph Fiennes Data Dashboard: RansDash (to represent his Marathon des Sables experience), to enabling school children in creating mobile games which generate data, educate and encourage participation around air quality issues. Designing for children has generated a new passion; this has been particularly seen with littleBits, enabling children to express their creativity through the creation and sharing of electronic projects. Website: Twitter: @marklochrie
  • Sean Oxspring
    Creative Technologist
    I’m a programmer, games designer, writer and artist. I am the managing director of Hitpoint Games Ltd., a Lincoln based video game development studio. Recently we had our first commercial release with the game Hashtag Dungeon: a dungeon crawler that uses Twitter to procedurally generate its content. I have been nominated in the past for a BAFTA for my work teaching games design, I teach the Games Computing and Computer Science courses at Lincoln UTC. I also occasionally do guest lectures at the university detailing my experiences within the independent game development industry. I work alongside my business partner Kieran Hicks, a postgraduate student at the university doing his PhD focusing on player feedback within video games. Our company has produced several public-space games that visualise real-time public data, including one that correctly predicted the outcome of the last General Election. Twitter: @OxyOxspring @Hitpoint_Games @Kieran_Hicks Websites:
  • Greg Morrison
    Completing a degree in English Literature developed my love of the arts and progressive ideas, from dystopias to the Wombles. It is an interest I have continued to pursue through my creative and journalistic writing. I firmly believe in the vital importance of freedom of expression and am interested in the ways in which art and technology can inform, develop and protect this ideal. My diverse professional experience, from documentary production to the Civil Service, has led me to Cultureshock Media where I'm responsible for ensuring that the site is as engaging as it is well punctuated. I'm interested in all manner of projects, particularly those that combine creative flair with technical aptitude to deliver innovative digital solutions. If you have any questions, queries or suggestions (Wombles' related or otherwise) then please do get in touch at Twitter: @MGBMorrison
  • Andrew West
    Research Assistant
    I’m currently working as a research assistant on the impact study of with Dr. Sarah Barrow (UoL Lead). My primary interest is with methodologies that enable, assist, and maintain critical capacities, functions and processes in 21st century digitally networked societies. I’m concerned with studying the transformative potentials of collaborative art practices that intersect our techno-cultural environments, and aesthetic and emotional sensibilities, to articulate sense through a relation between both human and non-human elements. I’m also an associate lecturer in critical studies at the School of Film and Media (University of Lincoln). Twitter: @awest43
  • Zach Jones
    I'm a recent Games Computing graduate of the University of Lincoln. Taking part in multiple digital arts projects throughout uni, such as co_Lab and, has given me a thirst for more. I hope to continue contributing and collaborating now that I'm a part of the team. I feel that, as a traditionally logical thinker, I can bring an otherwise unconsidered point of view to these cultural debates whilst still having the capacity to aid creative expression. Working alongside creatives who specialise in mediums different to myself is incredibly refreshing and has so far helped to mould me as a person, which is something that I hope to continue in my post-university life. I'll turn my hand to anything, but my main passions are designing games, writing music and engaging with new people and cultures. Twitter: @InfamousBuffalo
  • Sarah Barrow
    Lincoln Project Lead
    I’m Head of the School of Film & Media at the University of Lincoln. Prior to taking up positions in academic research, teaching and management, I worked in film education, festival administration and international education project management. I’m very involved in Lincoln’s Frequency Festival of Digital Cultures, initiated a student-led social enterprise New Media Lincs and am the University’s Project Lead for this fantastic project. I believe wholeheartedly in the potential of all our young people to make a difference in the world through their creative talents.
  • Hilary Jennings
    Guest Editor
    I am a projector director and freelancer in the arts and cultural sectors., currently working with The Happy Museum. In a varied career I've worked with greengrocers, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers, engineers, artists, writers, and (quite literally) butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. For several years I've been an Associate of the Cultural Leadership Programme and have worked extensively in the craft sector including managing the inaugural Craft Skills Award and serving as Interim Chair of the Craft Industry Board. I co-authored MMM’s Sustainable Ability which mapped approaches to climate change across the cultural sector and also co-founded the Case For Optimism, a network which creates space for practitioners in the arts and cultural community to maximise their creative response to global challenges. I was founder co-chair of Transition Town Tooting and am a Trustee of both the Transition Network and Bioregional, founders of One Planet Living.  When I'm not working I'm involved in local drama initiatives and go outdoor swimming. More details about my work can be found on my Linkedin profile.
  • Richard Flint
    Social Media Manager
    From watching ‘Star Wars’ since before I could even talk, I’ve always had an obsession with film and cinema and how it impacted the world around it. I grew up to appreciate different forms of media before finding my true passion in writing during my time at university. Since then I have sought to practice as many forms of writing as I can from feature length film scripts to journalism. As part of I work on the various social media pages and write the odd article or two as well as work with the Collective on some of their tasks.
  • Alice Skinner
    Alice Skinner
    I'm perhaps best known for my satirical, pastel coloured drawings, which often seek to tackle social and political issues through humour. I'm based in London where I graduated with a degree in illustration last year. Since then I've been establishing my freelance career as well as setting up my own greeting card line. In my recent body of work I've been reimagining classical art from the likes of Picasso for the social media generation, pairing the illustrations with meme inspired captions which I share to my ever growing Instagram page.  Instagram: @whothafuckisalice Twitter: @Aliceskinner  
  • Sarah Corbett
    If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair then shouldn’t our activism be beautiful, kind and fair? Yet, activism often involves fleeting events like the signing of petitions, clicktivism, slacktivism or loud and aggressive ways to demand justice. This approach often build walls, not bridges. For 6 weeks I will be running ‘The School of Gentle Protest’ with Gentle protest doesn't mean weak or passive protesting, it means being and acting out the change you wish to see in the world. I might sound quirky but it actually works! Why should you take me seriously? Well, I’ve been an activist since I was 3. I grew up in a low-income area of Liverpool in the 1980s where I saw first hand the harmful effects of systemic inequality and how my community campaigned (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to gain essential services such as better housing and health centres. I’ve been a professional Activism Manager for large charities for 7 years such as Oxfam GB and I am the Founding Director of the global Craftivist Collective providing 'slow activism' that uses craft as a meditative tool to stop, reflect and act on injustice issues in a transformative way and use the objects to give as gifts to power holder as critical friends rather than aggressive enemies. I work with charities, individual groups, educational institutions, art institutions and organisations around the world to engage people in a gentle approach to protest sometimes using craft, sometimes not. Join me and graduate as a Gentle Protester, we need you now in 2017 more than ever!  More information on the Craftivist Collective & it’s Founding Director, Sarah Corbett:
  • fanSHEN
    Theatre Company
    fanSHEN create theatre, live events and interactive experiences. We are based in Newcastle and work all over the UK. Founded in 2007 by Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe, we collaborate with an unorthodox family of awesome, multi-skilled associate artists. fanSHEN works with an eclectic mashup of influences; Aristotle sits alongside neuroscience sits alongside trashy 90s TV shows in our work. We want both anarchic chaos and intellectual rigour. Sometimes what we make looks like theatre, sometimes it looks like a game or installation. Sometimes there are actors; sometimes there aren't.  We’re fascinated by how we can take massive, important subjects like climate change or political agency and synthesise them into playful, approachable formats. We want to explore the different ways we can co-create with the people who experience our work - whether that’s about them playing within a structure we make, creating content, or committing radical acts of imagination. | @fanshentheatre
  • Remi Graves
    I'm an ex-maths teacher, turned poet and drummer based in London. I've just finished a residency with Spine Festival at Croydon Library working to engage youth; I also deliver workshops in schools. I'm a member of 2016-17 Barbican Young Poets, and my work can be found in publications such as Skin Deep, Ver Poets Anthology and NON Quarterly. My current projects include a poetry and music duo with South African poet and performer Toni Stuart.  I'm really excited to take on this digital poet-in residence role and am looking forward to spending the next month, unpacking, unpicking and re-framing the ways tenets of Magna Carta play out in our daily life. This role feels particularly poignant in a time where civil liberties, digital rights and the question of citizenship weigh heavy on the world. I hope that through the residency I'm able to spark a dialogue around who we value as citizens, what freedoms and rights we take for granted, and in particular how the UK's use of detention centres clash with some of Magna Carta's founding principles.  By playing with the language, structure and meaning of Magna Carta I hope to turn this ancient document into a fertile ground for critical discussions, art and play.  Given the current threat to our human rights act, now more than ever seems a time to pick up our pens, as a call to arms. 
  • Tyler Trenam
    Collective Member
    When I’m asked to describe myself only one thing really comes to mind – I’m a nerd. Anything sci-fi or fantasy I’m all over it. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, yes please! I like to think I’m a creative person; I always have ideas of fantasy worlds running around in my head... To be honest, it can get distracting at times.
  • Hetain Patel
    Commissioned Artist
    My work is always about identity in some way. It’s about looking at how we might release ourselves from the labels or boxes that we might put ourselves in, in order for us to think more widely, for us to be more accepting of others and be more open to difference. There are endless elements that make up our identities, and out of these it’s often a complex mix between those that are put onto us by others, and those that we self-impose. I’m interested in both observation of identity, and in finding ways for us to create our own. I lived and worked as an artist in the East Midlands for over 10 years so it was great to go and work in Lincoln with young people there to explore some of these issues. I think every city has its own identity and its own makeup of people, so it was interesting to get to know the young people in Lincoln and work through how we might not just connect to each other but connect to people outside of their city and outside of the country.  I think it’s really important that the final works, Stupid Bananas and Racist Apples are made primarily for YouTube; for the internet. It’s the way that we can reach the biggest audiences, the way that we can reach the widest demographic audience. Working with young people it’s a medium they engage with so much. These issues are so important that the group didn't just want them to be in an exhibition, a show or an event, we wanted the work to have longevity and to be somewhere permanently. On YouTube it has the potential to go worldwide and we're hoping it will.

Guest Editors / Advisors 

  • British Youth Council
    Partner Organisation
    We empower young people aged 25 and under to influence and inform the decisions that affect their lives. We support young people to get involved in their communities and democracy, making a difference as volunteers, campaigners, decision-makers and leaders. We are a youth-led organisation with a diverse membership, from local youth councils to large national youth organisations; faith groups and young farmers, students and Scouts. We run the UK Youth Parliament and manage youth democracy programmes including the Young Mayors and the Youth Select Committee. Engaging young people in our democracy is at the heart of what we do and we are joining forces with to support young people to consider issues of faith, religion and culture in society, to explore the relationship between faith and democracy, and to find creative ways to express themselves and their ideas. Twitter: @bycLIVE
  • YouGov
    Partner Organisation
    YouGov plc is an international full-service market research agency. We are delighted to be a partner, providing our opinion polling capabilities to encourage engagement with the project. We believe in the power of participation. From the very beginning, we have been driven by a simple idea: the more people are able to participate in the decisions made by the institutions that serve them, the better those decisions will be. At the heart of our company is a global online community, where millions of people and thousands of political, cultural and commercial organisations engage in a continuous conversation about their beliefs, behaviours and brands. We combine this continuous stream of data with our deep research expertise and broad industry experience to develop the technologies and methodologies that will enable more collaborative decision making. And provide a more accurate, more actionable portrait of what the world thinks. Twitter: @YouGov
  • Threshold Studios
    Partner Organisation
    We are excited to be a partner, contributing our curatorial and digital expertise to enrich the project and increase participation from creative communities. Threshold Studios is a media arts producer and consultancy, and 'Creative Media for Social Change' is our mission. As an artist-led organisation, we have produced new media art since 1998, harnessing moving image, digital and emerging technologies. We are the Festival Directors of Frequency Festival of Digital Culture in Lincoln. The festival's third edition takes place in October 2015. As a consultancy we play a strategic role in developing the arts, mentoring artists and arts organisations through periods of change or development. We also work with businesses, education providers and local authorities to design creative projects that engage existing and new audiences. As educators we foster new talent and devise initiatives to offer routes into the arts and media industries, focusing on those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those currently under-represented in these industries. We develop the next generation of talent through projects including RADAR, a creative graduate accelerator scheme we run in partnership with the University of Lincoln College of Arts. Twitter: @TS_studios
  • Arts Council England
    Project Investor
    Arts Council England champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives. We support a range of activities across the arts, museums and libraries – from theatre to digital art, reading to dance, music to literature, and crafts to collections. Great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better. Between 2015 and 2018, we plan to invest £1.1 billion of public money from government and an estimated £700 million from the National Lottery to help create these experiences for as many people as possible across the country. We’re investing in through our Exceptional Awards programme. Here are some thoughts from Peter Knott, our Area Director in the Midlands, on the Arts Council’s role in Our Exceptional Awards are an opportunity for the Arts Council to invest in really outstanding ideas or opportunities of national significance which don’t come along every day. We’re committed to making sure children and young people are able to access and enjoy great art and culture and this new digital platform will be an exciting place for cultural and artistic exchange for young people in Lincoln and beyond. Ambitious in its reach, we are sure this project will inspire creativity and debate linked to the celebrations taking place this year for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Twitter: @ace_midlands, @ace_national Facebook: artscouncilofengland
  • Cultureshock Media
    Digital Partner
    Cultureshock Media are very excited to be collaborating on We have helped to plan and deliver the project and will be participating throughout. We are behind the website and social channels so if you want to ask us anything, please get in touch. As an independent media agency specialising in digital, print, design, branding and film production projects, we work with cultural organisations and brands all around the world and are passionate about presenting art, design and culture to the public. Twitter: @C_S_Media Instagram: @cultureshock_media
  • Royal Commonwealth Society
    Partner Organisation
    At the RCS, we work to promote the value and values of the Commonwealth of Nations. Through education, advocacy and the arts, we seek to empower youth and champion human rights, freedom and democracy across the 53 member states which are intrinsically linked through their common history and shared values. The ideas of liberty, justice, democracy and the rule of law have spread throughout history. 800 years after its signing, the principles of the Magna Carta continue to have a huge influence and are still evoked whenever basic freedoms come under threat. The Commonwealth today shares in the commemoration of the Magna Carta as the foundation of English common law and the inspiration for many key charters, bills and declarations, including the Commonwealth Charter. Engaging with our extensive international networks, we are delighted to be involved in the planning and promotion of The RCS will enable young people from across the Commonwealth to work together with their peers, fellow artists and thinkers to communicate their aspirations for the future. Using art and digital skills, the work of thousands of young people will culminate in the creation of an innovative and creative new Magna Carta, one that will communicate the needs and ideas of its young contributors to institutions of power all over the world. Twitter: @TheRCSLondon
  • University of Lincoln logo
    University of Lincoln
    Lead Organisation
    The University of Lincoln is based in the historic English city of Lincoln - home to one of only four surviving originals of the 1215 Magna Carta and one of only two originals of the 1217 Charter of the Forest. We are proud to lead the initiative in collaboration with local, national and international partners - we recognise our obligation to champion the rights enshrined in these landmark documents for a new generation as we celebrate 800 years since their sealing. Named among the top 10 modern universities in the UK by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2015, the University of Lincoln has around 13,000 students and 1,500 staff with our main campus located on the city’s picturesque Brayford Pool marina. We have some of the most satisfied students in the UK and have been commended for the ground-breaking ways in which we engage students in research alongside leading academics. We are proud to be home to world class researchers with more than half of our research judged to be internationally excellent or world leading. We are also recognised as setting a blueprint for excellence by collaborating with industry through our pioneering approach to working with employers. Twitter: @unilincoln