Deborah Dignam

Curatorial Panel

Life can be chaotic, busy and stressful with so many of us trying to be heard and understood. We can lose sense of the bigger picture and get caught up in our daily strife. 

Art and artists give us an opportunity to step back and look at the world from a different perspective, through their lens. Lifting our heads up and seeing something else can reveal how each of us think or act differently: it can show us what makes us remarkable and uniquely human.

Today more than ever in our screen-based society, we need to look up and be aware of each other. From individuals to governments, we each need to be responsible for our own actions and to take responsibility for the actions of others. We need to question ourselves and those around us.

In 1215, the Magna Carta was drawn up to question those in authority and to ensure personal freedom., 800 years on, asks similar questions about freedom and power, working with artists, creative technologists and the citizens of the future to do so.


I’m delighted to be a Curatorial Adviser on this project and to be part of an exciting process that questions the world and the people who live in it through art and technology.

I work as an independent creative producer, curator and communications specialist. I am passionate about digital media and communication and how technology affects both our day-to-day lives and our future wellbeing. I care about the creation and dissemination of the work and believe that everyone has the right to meaningfully engage with art online and offline.

Previously, I was Digital Adviser (Arts) at the British Council, where I worked with some of the UK’s leading theatre makers and interactive artists. I championed a new digital way of working for the British Council, leading to pioneering projects across the globe, including: Connected, Gulf Stage and Edinburgh Showcase 2011.

Twitter: @dignamd