Theatre Company

fanSHEN create theatre, live events and interactive experiences. We are based in Newcastle and work all over the UK. Founded in 2007 by Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe, we collaborate with an unorthodox family of awesome, multi-skilled associate artists.

fanSHEN works with an eclectic mashup of influences; Aristotle sits alongside neuroscience sits alongside trashy 90s TV shows in our work. We want both anarchic chaos and intellectual rigour.

Sometimes what we make looks like theatre, sometimes it looks like a game or installation. Sometimes there are actors; sometimes there aren’t. 

We’re fascinated by how we can take massive, important subjects like climate change or political agency and synthesise them into playful, approachable formats. We want to explore the different ways we can co-create with the people who experience our work – whether that’s about them playing within a structure we make, creating content, or committing radical acts of imagination. | @fanshentheatre