(in)Visible Partners

Commissioned Artists

Ben Peppiatt & Stephanie Bickford-Smith

For three years we have worked as each other’s invisible partners, from concept development to creative production. We are both concerned with building a more creative, liberal and ethical future with aims to question and challenge preconceptions of how society functions.

Ben is a freelance filmmaker and visual communication lecturer at Kingston University. He works with a range of technology start-ups that are aiming to challenge the way we interact with the objects and technology we use everyday, whilst educating people to be more self-reliant. Stephanie is a contemporary artist and designer interested in developing immersive research techniques combined with speculative thinking. Her solo work has been exhibited in London and Japan, and she has worked on exhibitions in national museums.

We have chosen to work side by side for this project as an opportunity to pull together our strengths to tackle an issue that is close to our hearts – the freedom of individual thought.