Radek Rudnicki

Creative Technologist

I’m a composer, sound artist and performer. I often collaborate with other artists, dance choreographers and film/theatre practitioners alongside writing and performing my own work. I also give seminars and Music Technology workshops for universities, schools and youth groups across a varied range of digital music, including contemporary composition and free improvisation. For, I’m one of the creative technologists involved in the Leeds-based Innovation Lab, led by Kathrin Böhm.

I’m interested in interactive multimedia, visual arts and multidisciplinary projects combining art and science. I’ve worked with NASA’s GISS on sonification projects, which toured USA and UK. I’m a member of Tokyo Doorbells, the founder of Space F!ght and the co-founder of RPE Duo, Kirki Project and UUCMS. I have a PhD in Digital Composition from the University of York.

Twitter: @Radek_Rudnicki