Remi Graves

Digital Poet-in-Residence

I’m an ex-maths teacher, turned poet and drummer based in London. I’ve just finished a residency with Spine Festival at Croydon Library working to engage youth; I also deliver workshops in schools. I’m a member of 2016-17 Barbican Young Poets, and my work can be found in publications such as Skin Deep, Ver Poets Anthology and NON Quarterly. My current projects include a poetry and music duo with South African poet and performer Toni Stuart. 

I’m really excited to take on this digital poet-in residence role and am looking forward to spending the next month, unpacking, unpicking and re-framing the ways tenets of Magna Carta play out in our daily life. This role feels particularly poignant in a time where civil liberties, digital rights and the question of citizenship weigh heavy on the world. I hope that through the residency I’m able to spark a dialogue around who we value as citizens, what freedoms and rights we take for granted, and in particular how the UK’s use of detention centres clash with some of Magna Carta’s founding principles. 

By playing with the language, structure and meaning of Magna Carta I hope to turn this ancient document into a fertile ground for critical discussions, art and play.  Given the current threat to our human rights act, now more than ever seems a time to pick up our pens, as a call to arms.