Rob Sprankle

I’m an American history student that found out about almost by happenstance from my time at the University of Lincoln. My interest in the program lies in a puzzle that I’ve spent much of my life trying to piece together: the question of identity, individual and collective. In other words, what is it that makes us “us”? I wanted to immerse myself into this program so that I can see the rapidly-changing world through the lens of a culture I’m unfamiliar with, and perhaps use that additional perspective to come closer to answering my question.

I’m particularly interested in the study of activist groups who derive a sense of identity from their shared beliefs, and I believe that in this age of social media, power lies in with rhetoric, and these groups suddenly find themselves able to create massive change with the right mix of rhetoric and timing. My own chosen major—history—is the study of change, but I think the past and the present need not be segregated so rigidly.