Royal Commonwealth Society

Partner Organisation

At the RCS, we work to promote the value and values of the Commonwealth of Nations. Through education, advocacy and the arts, we seek to empower youth and champion human rights, freedom and democracy across the 53 member states which are intrinsically linked through their common history and shared values.

The ideas of liberty, justice, democracy and the rule of law have spread throughout history. 800 years after its signing, the principles of the Magna Carta continue to have a huge influence and are still evoked whenever basic freedoms come under threat. The Commonwealth today shares in the commemoration of the Magna Carta as the foundation of English common law and the inspiration for many key charters, bills and declarations, including the Commonwealth Charter.

Engaging with our extensive international networks, we are delighted to be involved in the planning and promotion of The RCS will enable young people from across the Commonwealth to work together with their peers, fellow artists and thinkers to communicate their aspirations for the future.

Using art and digital skills, the work of thousands of young people will culminate in the creation of an innovative and creative new Magna Carta, one that will communicate the needs and ideas of its young contributors to institutions of power all over the world.

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