The platform, designed and created by Cultureshock Media, is managed in partnership with the young people who use it. Everyone is invited to get involved, but we ask everyone to share these values and abide by these rules:


Keep it clean

We encourage strong opinions and debate, but don’t make it personal. Any trolling or attacks on individuals will not be tolerated – and may result in a ban. You must not use offensive language (including swear words with symbols replacing some letters).


Keep it legal

You must not post anything that breaks the law or encourages other people to break the law. This includes using someone else’s material without their permission (photographs, videos and music are all subject to copyright), encouraging criminal behaviour or posting anything that harms another person’s reputation. Any illegal activity that we see on the 1215 today website may be reported to the appropriate authority.


Keep it safe

We want this to be a safe space for its users. Please do not post information like your full name, exact location or contact details (beyond the private registration process) as this information could become public.


Respect privacy

Do not include other people in your content unless you have their permission. We may need to contact you to get evidence of this.


Have respect

We will be talking about issues that excite us and also issues that make us angry – this may result in criticising organisations, governments or beliefs. However you should not confuse this with attacks on people on the basis of their race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion or age.


Keep it real

This is a website for 14–24 year olds to give young people the chance to connect internationally, across borders, religion and race, to express what they think about issues like liberty, democracy and human rights. We will actively discourage any commercial entities passing themselves off as individuals to post advertising.


Have fun

We’re keen that this project allows people to find their voice – and get exposure via our leading news organisation. Please make the most of this opportunity, and give us feedback to make sure we’re creating a really great space to amplify your message.