Sarah Corbett


If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair then shouldn’t our activism be beautiful, kind and fair? Yet, activism often involves fleeting events like the signing of petitions, clicktivism, slacktivism or loud and aggressive ways to demand justice. This approach often build walls, not bridges.

For 6 weeks I will be running ‘The School of Gentle Protest’ with Gentle protest doesn’t mean weak or passive protesting, it means being and acting out the change you wish to see in the world. I might sound quirky but it actually works!

Why should you take me seriously? Well, I’ve been an activist since I was 3. I grew up in a low-income area of Liverpool in the 1980s where I saw first hand the harmful effects of systemic inequality and how my community campaigned (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) to gain essential services such as better housing and health centres. I’ve been a professional Activism Manager for large charities for 7 years such as Oxfam GB and I am the Founding Director of the global Craftivist Collective providing ‘slow activism’ that uses craft as a meditative tool to stop, reflect and act on injustice issues in a transformative way and use the objects to give as gifts to power holder as critical friends rather than aggressive enemies. I work with charities, individual groups, educational institutions, art institutions and organisations around the world to engage people in a gentle approach to protest sometimes using craft, sometimes not. Join me and graduate as a Gentle Protester, we need you now in 2017 more than ever! 

More information on the Craftivist Collective & it’s Founding Director, Sarah Corbett: