Sarah Gillett

Digital Director

The world we live in is complicated, troubled, beautiful and fragile. I feel very lucky to be living at a time when I have access to healthcare, education and culture. If I had lived 800 years ago I probably wouldn’t have been able to pursue a career as an independent woman, or speak and be heard about what’s important to me.

Working in the Arts underpins many of my values and for 18 years I’ve worked with brave, passionate individuals and organisations to develop visual arts, film, theatre, music, design and literature projects that inspire and motivate audiences across the world. I believe that artists challenge, provoke and reveal the stuff of life and that the digital space gives all of us a chance to learn about other cultures, add our own unique experience and agitate what’s gone before.

I’m the Director of Digital at Cultureshock Media so my role for is to work with the Project Directors, partners, curatorial boards and artists to plan and deliver high quality arts content for the site, social media channels and live events. I’m supported by a fabulous design and editorial team including Alfonso Iacurci, Hannah Dossary, Rachel Potts and Enrico Tassi. gives us an opportunity to bring the physical and digital spaces closer together through creating new artworks, voicing our opinions, building new friendships and shared moments that last beyond the timescale of the project.

Twitter: @inkystudio
Instagram: @inkystudio

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