Swithin Fry

I am the writer and performer of the one-man show Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row. The play spreads awareness about Tim Coleman, who was sentenced to death for murder in Ohio, 1997. His trial was then ruled unfair, and another man confessed to the crime. Despite this, the case has not been reopened and Tim is now approaching his last appeal.

I started penpaling with Tim in 2011 through the charity Human Writes, and believe that he is innocent. Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row is part of my campaign to help secure him a fair retrial. The show has toured in various UK locations, including London and The Brighton Fringe.

Since my retirement as a college teacher in 2011 I have written plays on a variety of topics, and worked with organisations such as Croydon Youth Theatre and the special needs Further Ed National Star College. I am passionate about justice and education for all people.

Twitter: @SwithinFry