Prototype 2: RateMyPlace

Thomas Forth presents RateMyPlace, the second of the prototypes to emerge from discussions held during our first Innovation Lab in Leeds My background I have a great interest in how we use space. I built and maintain a tool used by thousands of people called the parkulator. It shows how much space in Northern cities is used … Continue reading Prototype 2: RateMyPlace

Prototype 1: P H O N

Following on from our first Innovation Lab, this is one of a set of four posts presenting the prototype concepts developed by our creative technologists in response to the day’s discussions and themes. Introducing: WetGenes and P H O N.   phon /fɒn/ noun 1. a unit of the perceived loudness of sounds.   When we … Continue reading Prototype 1: P H O N

How much space do you need for your future?

Kathrin Böhm, artist and co-founder of the art and architecture collective Public Works and the international artist group Myvillages, has been commissioned to create a new digital artwork for The work will be realised through a six-month Innovation Lab model involving the artist, four expert creative technologists and a group of creators, makers, gamers … Continue reading How much space do you need for your future?