Lincoln Innovation Lab

Check out the Storify for our second Innovation Lab in Lincoln on Saturday 11th June; featuring meditation, contemplation and big shiny beards. If you want more pictures, videos and content, or you just feel like a chat, find us on Instagram or Twitter: @1215today [View the story “ Innovation Lab 2” on Storify]

5 Ways to Make People-Powered Art’s Innovation Labs enable artists and audiences to experiment together on making truly collaborative digital art. The Innovation Labs open up the artistic process by inviting artists, gamers, vloggers, makers and creative technologists to explore a Magna Carta-inspired provocation set by an artist. So what did we learn from our first Innovation Lab? Let’s take a … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make People-Powered Art

Prototype 4: Sonic Portal

Sonic Portal brings together artists and audiences. Focusing on sound as a medium of communication, it allows both to reflect on the state of current and future workspaces. Nowadays people live in their own spaces, wearing headphones and moving about in their own isolated worlds. Sound, by its very nature, is territorial. We can control sound – and, by … Continue reading Prototype 4: Sonic Portal

Prototype 3: Territories

TERRITORIES: making visible the kinds of invisible and virtual spaces you occupy online, allowing you to opt out from them if you so desire… Central idea I created a web plugin for the Google Chrome browser that people could download and run alongside their daily web-browsing activities. The plugin keeps track of the kind of websites that the … Continue reading Prototype 3: Territories

Prototype 2: RateMyPlace

Thomas Forth presents RateMyPlace, the second of the prototypes to emerge from discussions held during our first Innovation Lab in Leeds My background I have a great interest in how we use space. I built and maintain a tool used by thousands of people called the parkulator. It shows how much space in Northern cities is used … Continue reading Prototype 2: RateMyPlace

Prototype 1: P H O N

Following on from our first Innovation Lab, this is one of a set of four posts presenting the prototype concepts developed by our creative technologists in response to the day’s discussions and themes. Introducing: WetGenes and P H O N.   phon /fɒn/ noun 1. a unit of the perceived loudness of sounds.   When we … Continue reading Prototype 1: P H O N

Deborah Dignam: Digital is a Destination

Deborah Dignam has many years’ experience working in arts organisations around the world. As a creative producer, curator and artistic director, she has helped artists, writers and choreographers to produce work that is both challenging and eye-opening. A member of our curatorial panel, she is one of the people responsible for commissioning and supporting artists … Continue reading Deborah Dignam: Digital is a Destination

Nothing much comes from reasonable expectations

Following the launch of his Time for Rights commission for, we caught up with creative technologist Tim Kindberg to talk about his work, the digital zeitgeist and the importance of having unreasonable expectations… Tim, firstly, what is a ‘creative technologist’? A creative technologist is someone who knows how to work with digital technology and can use it … Continue reading Nothing much comes from reasonable expectations commissions the Innovation Lab

We are launching an exciting series of Innovation Labs in 2016 – a new way for artists to make work with young creatives In the coming months, will be working closely with Digital Identity specialist, Abhay Adhikari, to develop a prototype Digital Art Innovation Lab. This promises to be a new way for artists and creatives … Continue reading commissions the Innovation Lab