Tim Kindberg

Commissioned Artist

I’m based at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol and work at the intersection of art and digital technology. In my spare time I also write fiction. I used to work as a computer scientist.

I’ve been developing a social video platform called Nth Screen, which allows groups of people to record synchronised videos on camera phones and to mosaic the results together, either in a single web page or video to juxtapose many viewpoints on a single event, or on a collection of mobile phones for an impromptu multiscreen performance.

For Time for Rights, my commission launched in August 2015, I’ve engaged young people around the world about human rights through synchronisation and collective action.

I’ve gathered views about the state of human rights through a global video event to explore what it means to be online at the same time – to film and know that others are filming with you.

Twitter: @timeforrights, @timkindberg
Instagram: @timeforrights